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Other Resources  for Women Veterans

The Department of Veteran Affairs' Center for Women Veterans mission is to monitor and coordinate VA’s administration of health care and benefits services, and programs for women Veterans. The department serves as an advocate for a cultural transformation (both within VA and in the general public) in recognizing the service and contributions of women Veterans and women in the military. The Agency's mission is to raise awareness of the responsibility to treat women Veterans with dignity and respect.

Connecting Women Veterans to Local, State, and Federal Resources

Our mission is to ensure that you, the women veterans of Texas, have equitable access to federal and state veterans’ benefits and services.  The Texas Veterans Commission Women Veterans Program serves to educate and inform women veterans of their benefits and services, and advocate on their behalf by:

  1. Creating public awareness
  2. Recognizing and honoring women veterans
  3. Identifying needs and making legislative recommendations


We are committed to improving the lives of women veterans and their families.

Support Texas military, veterans and family members with information and referral services and by facilitating the delivery of these services across traditional boundaries.  TexVet is dedicated to providing veterans, military members and their families with equal access to information. By collecting federal, state, and local Veteran Service Organization (VSO) information, TexVet has created an online Veterans Services Provider Network (VSPN).Programs for all veterans include jobs help, emergency funds and more. TexVet has compiled a list of the specialized program just for Women Veterans in the area of job, housing, mental health and more.

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