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Keli Chevalier 
Keli Chevalier

Most entrepreneurs know that they need to tell a good story to get good business: client testimonials, speaker biographies, and sales pitches are all stories. What most entrepreneurs do NOT know is how to tap into the secret power of story to increase impact, build relationships and make more sales.


Keli Chevalier, retired U.S. Army Major, spent two decades developing her storytelling skills under extreme pressure while serving as a Public Affairs officer in the U.S. Army. Keli's recent retirement from the military has afforded her the opportunity of a lifetime—to continue service to others as a motivational speaker, head a non-profit organization dedicated to female Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and proud owner of Word Slay Creative Agency.


She also established The Island Knight, the first Army Newspaper on Okinawa. Having worked primarily as a public affairs officer for 1, 2, and 3 – star generals, Keli is very experienced in the art of leadership and influence.


She is also the inventor of the Perfect Pocket Pitch Deck, the world’s only universally effective storytelling tool the helps you masterfully create keynotes, sales pitches, website copy, email campaigns and more in minutes.


Keli is honored to have helped more than 600 clients develop their stories and create more impactful brand messages through her coaching.  She was featured in the Houston Chronicle, Huffington Post and has made appearances on the Steve Harvey Show, Good Morning Houston and Advance Your Reach National Conference.


Keli helps entrepreneurs discover who they are, find their inner strengths and maintain grace under fire while challenging individuals to recognize and overcome their fears of writing to sell. Most importantly, she helps others recognize their self-worth so they can capitalize on the most valuable asset—their personality!


Keli completed her Master's degree in Human Relations from the University of Oklahoma. She is a certified John Maxwell public speaker and author of Get Up! Get Dressed! Get Out! She resides in Houston, Texas with her three incredibly handsome sons (Carlos, Nathaniel and Jules) and her husband Max (a Jackie Chan look-alike). She hates cats and loves tacos.

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